Jasmin Heeb, Founder & Creative Director

After spending many years in corporate sales and business management in the airline and tourism industry, she decided she wanted to have a go at following her passion for design & fashion. First as a category buyer and senior procurement manager for an online-shopping club, then by boldly setting up, together with a partner, her own yoga-inspired fashion label in Zurich.

Over the last 5,5 years she was not only the Managing Director & Designer, but also leading the whole production process. Mimi + Bart has been in her head for some time now. Since she’s become a Mum to Maximilian, she feels sustainability has started to play an even more important role in her life, and hopes to help raise awareness for some of our world’s environmental challenges through fashion

Kathrin Joa, Co-Founder / Brand & Strategy Director

Worked as a Brand and Communication Strategist in several global communication networks and branding agencies in Milan, Frankfurt and Zürich, taking care of brands across several industries. From automotive, food and beverage, tourism, renewable energy, entertainment and telecommunications. When her daughter Nina was born, she decided to become self-employed, being able to manage her own time, consulting Global Communication Networks and smaller creative shops across Europe. She has become extremely aware on how currently women are still struggling to find a fulfilling balance between work and private life, just because they are not put into a long term sustainable condition to go back to work after becoming moms.